Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Debunking Myths About Refugees and Asylum Seekers, but the Coalition sails on ...

Click here to have the myths well and truly debunked. Great job guys!

It seems the 'Abbottomater' has received a boost in the latest Newspoll. I suspect this is an outlier or more News Limited propaganda. Crikey, anyone would think that Rupert does'nt like Kev with the amount of nasty vitriol hurled at him by the Murdoch MSM. Its a pity our political journos rarely rise to the occasion and think for themselves. It seems they don't appreciate Kev's seeming disdain for their profession, but is it any wonder, given the feckless and arrogant lot they mainly are. What a bunch of lemmings! Even the ABC crowd is in thrall to the nonsense peddled by Abbott's motley crew, whether the subject is climate change, refugees or the deficit. Some of the stuff dished up on ABC local radio makes my skin crawl.

As a group, the MSM political hacks are way too impressed with themselves. Many think they are the news, but, frankly, most would'nt have the nous to develop public policy. They thrive on sound bites, simple minded takes on serious matters, and scuttle about waiting for a politician to make a gaffe. Its very tedious and little wonder the average punter prefers the footy!

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