Sunday, February 21, 2010

Australian Federal politics - ABC Insiders does it again on the simple minded front - predicts one term for Labor!

I sent the following comment to Fran Kelly, who has written Labor off as a one term government on Insiders this morning. I don't know how David Marr et al cope with the mediocrity served up by some of these so-called 'insiders' and God knows what Fran is sniffing but it must be strong!

"I have been concerned about the shallowness of the political analysis served up by this show (Breakfast on Radio National) for some time, and I'm far from being Robinson Crusoe. While Michelle Grattan is always good value, your host is pretty limited on the subject. Her performance on Insiders this morning was woeful.

I don't think the worst of the pamphleteers masquerading as journalists among the Murdoch commentariat would proffer the prediction that Labor is looking like a one term government, although surely it is one of their wet dreams. Perhaps you need to read some of the better psephology and political blogs to get a handle on the polls. The Poll Bludger on Crikey tells us "The latest fortnightly Morgan face-to-face poll has Labor’s two-party lead at 57.5-42.5, up from 56.5-43.5 last time. Labor are up a point to 47 per cent on the primary vote, while the Coalition are down one to 37 per cent." If you continue to rely solely on the dodgy polling of Newspoll, the current figures still have Labor increasing their seats at the next election. I find Essential Report more cogent in its methodology and they have a ten point gap on the 2pp.

Abbott's Murdoch Press driven honeymoon (if that's what it is) will be relatively short lived, once the electorate work out what a truly despicable individual he is. His recent comments on homelessness should be enough to make even the most shallow of radio commentators blanch. But we keep hearing about what a straight talking, lycra-wearing good 'ole boy he really is and he's 'taking it up to the government'. Frankly, this guy is about control and shaping our body politic, with the help of his ilk of alpha male,with the result that Australia would become a much uglier place under his stewardship. His brand of socio-religious patriarchy would determine social policy parameters in such way as to make the previous 'brutupia' look positively benign.

Take the case of refugees. It seems the default position of the Coalition under the influence of Howard (and now Abbott) is to bang the fear and loathing drum at every opportunity. Bi-partisanship on such an important issue as migration and cultural inclusiveness is impossible whilst a major political party sees populist opportunity in scaring people. It is no accident that Hanson's erstwhile mentor, David Oldfield, used to work for Abbott. How did one commentator with a memory longer than yesterday's thought bubble put it? - Abbott is BA Santamaria's terminator sent from the past. Be afraid, be very afraid! And good 'ole Barnaby Joyce sings straight from the good 'ole League of Rights hymn book. Whilst keeping a concerted blow torch to Labor on key areas of social justice, where it is currently sadly wanting, it would be encouraging if political commentary on the ABC was to rise a little above the tawdry attacks on Labor coming from the Murdoch MSM and to do some serious analysis...Good luck with that!"

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