Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asylum seekers in Australia - Media Watch calls out Channel 9 and shock jocks for replacing the dog whistle with the drum beat of fear

"Howard Sattler: Now we're going to talk about another kind of rip-off. We're going to talk about the welfare rip-off by a lot of people who claim refugee status. Would you believe, this is the figures, the Centrelink benefits have gone up nearly 40% to an estimated $628 million over two years"

Radio 6PR Perth, Drive with Howard Sattler, 20th October, 2009

This charming offering from one of the most egregious offenders on the air waves set the scene for a timely indictment of a substantial slice of commercial media for its lack of integrity, honesty and moral compass in its treatment of Centrelink data on asylum seekers.

Watch the Media Watch program here.

Crikey,quelle surprise, golly gosh - what a bunch of low life bottom feeders! And they all support the Coalition...

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