Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another boat arrival - another day in loonsville

With my series on notable boat arrivals through history (see archives) the looney nature of fear and loathing of boat people is revealed. In our past, the arrival of the first fleet stands out, if you are able to take the point of view of the original custodians. The ruling elite then went to great trouble to establish these custodians were a figment of the collective imagination.

The trickle of boat arrivals in recent times has the loons out in force again. First, you get the fear mongers in the form of Liberal party stalwarts who are still hanging on to the hope that another fear campaign is all that stands between them and the Treasury benches.

And then you get the media cheer squad, who love a good lynching....

I can't be bothered going down that path again because these people are mainly 'bottom feeders' who do not deserve any attention, although the ABC Insiders provides a few of them with a regular forum to spruik their nasty wares. However, the Loon Pond has a worthwhile take on the phenomenon.

I suppose we should be grateful that the loons are not quite as dangerous as this mob in the US identified by Possum Pollytics, but then again......

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