Saturday, June 27, 2009

Open letter to members of Australia's Parliament from Iranian human rights activist, Ardeshir Gholipour

Dear Member of the Parliament of Australia ,

You will have heard of the flagrant human rights abuses occurring on the streets of Iran. The government of coup d'etat sees in arbitrary detention, torture, beating and killing of defenseless people its sole means of survival. It is clear its baneful existence will not last. Among the detained are many journalists, intellectuals, union leaders, student activists, and elderly politicians, some with serious medical conditions. Also, hundreds of people have been arrested, some severely beaten. Students were thrown out of the windows of their dorms. They were forced to crawl in broken glass. Buttons were pressed into their eyeballs. Can such atrocities be borne in silence? Should we not make it clear that the civilized world will not tolerate such barbaric violation of the most basic rights of a human person? Should not the voice of Neda Agha Soltani, the beautiful student of philosophy whose chest was pierced with the bullets of evildoers, resound in every ear? Her 'Neda', her voice cries: Freedom!

I therefore write to you to ask for your support for the innocent people of Iran. The Iran expert, Jason Rezaian, who has just returned from Iran says what really weighs heavily on people’s hearts is that they think they are alone in their truly heroic struggle. He says that when he told a number of the protesters he met in the street that the whole world was standing with them against tyranny, they broke down crying.

The government of Ahmadinejad is illegitimate. Australia must expel its ambassador from Canberra. In our opinion, this is the most appropriate course of action. It signals to the Iranian people that Australia is with them in their legitimate demand that their choice and vote be respected. A democratic country cannot be indifferent to the flagrant violation of the most fundamental institution of democracy. The expulsion will also be welcomed by the future government of Iran. There are already clear signs that the erstwhile fellow travellers of Ahmadinejad are abandoning him. Thus, the expulsion makes good political and moral sense.

Ardeshir Gholipour
PO Box 573
Civic Square
ACT 2608
Ph: (0427) 339 761

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