Monday, May 18, 2009

Human rights in Australia - New film "Samson & Delilah" an anguished cry from the wounded soul of Australia's original custodians

All Australians should see this film! Of course that won't happen but growing numbers will have the experience. It is a visual tone poem that opens eyes, sores, nerves, and ultimately, hearts. I doubt anyone can sit through this film without going through some form of catharsis.

Every so often a film comes along that changes the way things are seen. The dispossessed souls that move through this passion play challenge us to respond with powerful emotions. Self-destructive and self-actualizing forces are competing in the players' outer and inner landscapes, subject to random moments outside their control.

Loss of identity and cultural moorings has left these youngsters on the margins of everything, vulnerable to physical and psychological decay and destruction.

It is an indictment of colonization, cultural misappropriation and systemic failures to engage a dispossessed people with compassion and understanding.

The film has a website.

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