Thursday, February 26, 2009

Australian Federal politics - some gratuitous advice for the Liberal Party

While you keep banging on about jobs, desperately trying to make political mileage out of economic harsh times, you reveal yourselves to be opportunistic buffoons and should stay in opposition.

Your 'work choices' fiasco further 'casualised' and 'atomised' the workforce, leaving many workers more vulnerable to an economic downturn. Do you actually think the electorate has already forgotten your policy hubris in this area?

On carbon trading you are equally challenged, with various rumps of your party so confused on the subject of climate change it runs like a french farce.

You need to take a constructive role in this time of national insecurity or you will be condemned to opposition for a long time!

Your current leader thinks he should be PM yesterday without doing the hard yards, and he has never been a team player! Good luck and good night!

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