Monday, November 03, 2008

Human Rights in Tibet - EMAIL ACTION: Where is Dhondup Wangchen?

The ATC reports that in March this year, after completing the filming for his unique documentary, ‘Leaving fear Behind’, filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen was arrested in the Tibetan province of Amdo along with his assistant Jigme Gyatso, a Buddhist monk. The arrests were confirmed by the Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet but have not been formally acknowledged by Chinese authorities.

On 15 October, Jigme Gyasto was released from Kachu prison reporting that he had been severely tortured - including being hung by his feet from the ceiling for several hours, receiving regular beatings and being tied to an interrogation chair for days at a time.

No news has emerged on the fate of Dhondup Wangchen.

Click to send an email to Stephen Smith, Minister for Foreign Affairs, requesting the Minister to push the Chinese Government to release Dhondup Wangchen.

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