Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Human rights for Australia - 'cringers' unite

New Matilda has updated its campaign for a Human Rights Act. "The spirited comments from international lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, speaking to the media industry’s Right to Know alliance reminded us just how far back Australia has fallen..."

Stung by the criticism, AG Ruddock jumped into the fray with his usual rationale for defending the indefensible, only politicians like him really understand freedoms and their defence.

As New Matilda put it so concisely: "Ironically, Phillip Ruddock doesn’t appear to recognise that the upsurge in human rights activism in Australia, indeed the prime motivation behind the New Matilda Human Rights Act for Australia campaign, is largely attributable to his very own actions, first as Immigration Minister and now Attorney General. Many of us do cringe at the way he has undermined Australia’s international reputation for fairness and humanity in respect of refugees and asylum seekers. Ditto the reintroduction of archaic sedition laws, the recent suspension of indigenous land rights - the list goes on."

I cringe every time I see this self-serving rhetorician pop up to drone on about 'matters' before the court of public opinion. This court needs to be given voice shortly to pronounce judgement on Ruddock's tenure of 'objectivity'.

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