Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Refugee Action Committee Canberra - message to Howard Govt for election year 2007 - Enough is enough!


You continue to deny justice to asylum seekers and refugees.
You deny human rights to Australian citizens.


You have taken Australia backwards in the area of human rights.

You create fear, distrust and division.
You speak of Australian values and you lack the core values of respect for the individual, freedom, justice and compassion.

You fail to give moral leadership.

You have robbed thousands of refugee men, women and children of health and happiness and years of their lives.

You have been forced by a few courageous members of your own party to make some concessions but you use your wealth and power to continue to fight any real change.

You leave many once proud Australians with a sense of shame and a grief for where you are leading our nation.

Your leadership is a danger to the future of Australia.

An additional sentiment from yours truly:

Make your vote count for human rights!

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