Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Australian dream; Australian nightmare. Some thoughts on Multiculturalism and Racism"

As a supporter of Australians All I regularly link to articles posted on the AA website. This latest offering from Eva Sallis is highly recommended:

"This is not a lecture such as a scholar would give. It is a lecture a novelist would give – that is to say, it is opinion, impression, invention and speculation.

This lecture will focus on Australians’ responsibilities to each other, how we fail each other, and how we might begin to stop failing each other. That the debates on Global Terrorism have infected how Australians view each other and how we feel about being a plural society seems to me unsurprising, but no less tragic for having been predictable. It is a sign of our weakness, and our reluctance to identify ourselves with being a many in one, a truly multicultural nation. I believe this weakness, expressed in deep endemic, multilateral racism, has a long history, and will have terrible consequences, so this lecture will focus on that weakness."

Click here to read the full article.

If Australians don't celebrate our rich pluralist and multicultural heritage, we will be much diminished and reduced to mourning its demise. Viva la difference!

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