Thursday, November 02, 2006

Flanagan novel condemns modern Australia

For anyone who missed this interview on the 7.30 report I have linked to the transcript. The right wing commentariat will doubtless continue to attack anyone who thinks Australia today is anything but a modern miracle of free market affluence full of happy campers pleased with their appreciating assets.

I agree with Richard Flanagan that "We are more frightened, we are more frightening, we are less free, we are more unjust, we are more callous, there's a greater divide of wealth and power and the truth gets ever harder to get out."

My prediction that Howard and cohort are ramping up the communal wedge to run a fear and loathing campaign targeting the Muslim community at the next election has also been spotted by Malcolm Fraser. The Age reports " The former Liberal prime minister used a speech to the NSW Law and Justice Foundation last night to criticise the Government's rhetoric on Islam.

"There are already suggestions that this next election will be a 'Muslim election', as a while ago it was the Tampa election," he said. "It would create a terrible and unnecessary divide between Islam and the rest of the community."

He said the current debate reminded him of that over Catholics' loyalty to the pope in the early 20th century."

"The groundwork has been laid for an increase in fear and concern over the followers of Islam," he said."

Oh yes, we all better believe it. The lamentable state of the nation addressed by Richard Flanagan is going to get uglier...

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