Sunday, January 01, 2006

Villawood staff accused of thuggery

ABC reports "alarming new allegations have emerged from the Villawood detention centre of intimidation and violence against detainees.

Dozens of asylum seekers have joined in accusing some staff members of behaving like thugs, taking bribes and sanctioning criminal activity.

The claims are the latest in a string of complaints against contractors employed by the Department of Immigration.

Sixty-two Villawood detainees have signed a letter alleging corruption and intimidation on the part of a staff member employed by Global Solutions Limited."

The nightmare of mandatory detention continues because not enough people in this country are prepared to stand up and shout that this human rights abuse must end. Until we demand all human beings are given the same basic rights we claim for ourselves we are demeaned and diminished. Keeping people in captivity like animals shames us all, because we sit back and tolerate it.

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